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5 Car Inspection Tips Ahead Of Your Road Trip

A road trip can be all fun and smiles until your car breaks down in the middle of nowhere. Maybe this could have been avoided with a few hours prepping the vehicle ahead of the trip. Prepping your car is equally as important as selecting your road trip packages or destination. Are you planning on going on a road trip soon? Then these five activities must be on your car to-do list.

Check your engine oil

An engine is to a car what a heart is to the human body. For your car to run efficiently, it is important to pay close attention to your car's engine oil, which has been regarded by auto fanatics as the lifeblood of the vehicle. A lubricated car engine absorbs heat and allows the various parts to work effectively. Mechanics have advised an oil change every 3000 miles. This is the simplest yet most important task of every car owner.

Check your tires

Assess the physical condition of your tires before embarking on any trip. And before hitting the road, you must ensure that all four tires are in top shape. Over or under inflation of tires could lead to many concerns so check your tires for appropriate tire pressure to avoid a blowout due to extra friction. It is also believed that low tire pressure also decreases fuel economy, so you’d want to pay attention to that. One other important note; always carry an extra tire.

Brake system

Nothing beats that feeling when you are cruising to your holiday destination, knowing your brakes won't fail you. A car's brake system remains one of its most critical safety features. Without knowing the kind of conditions that await you on a journey, ensuring that your brake system is in great shape is non-negotiable. A screeching, grinding noise from your brake system could ruin your travel experience. Moreover, the safety of the vehicle and its occupants cannot be compromised.

Put together an emergency kit

Regardless of whether you're going for a long or short trip, it is advisable to prepare for any eventuality. Remember to carry along supplies like jumper cables, a flashlight, warm blankets, paper road maps, and some roadside assistance supplies. Should you need any backup accessories or spare parts, you can order online from stores like Metrology Parts who also provide next day shipping services. Also, make sure your first-aid kit is fully stocked.

General performance assessment

As a final check on the list, have a qualified technician conduct a general performance check of your vehicle. No part of a vehicle should be classified as less important. What may appear so minor could hamper what should have been a smooth trip. General fluid levels, sparkplugs, air filters, not forgetting battery charge level are among few other things worth assessing ahead of the road trip.

To conclude, vacations or road trips are meant to be exciting, fun, and relaxing. Having car troubles is not the best of experiences, let alone in the company of family or friends.

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