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Valves are an essential part of pipelines and multiple processes across many industries. They control the flow of liquids and gases and are vital to the manufacturing of many products. There is a particular demand for more innovative valve technology in the chemical, power, metalworking, and oil and gas industries. If you’re looking to upgrade your machinery in these fields, then you’ll need the latest models. There have been innovations in valve technology regarding design, integrated electronics, simulation software, and materials.

There are several new design trends that should be taken into account by any manufacturer. These include smart valves for example. Intelligent control systems with an integrated embedded processor and networking capability are becoming more commonly implemented. There’s also been an increase in demand for automatic valves and simulation software. Simulation software allows for the analysis and testing of various solutions without the need to build multiple prototypes.

Integrated electronics are also becoming a growing trend in the valve industry. Integrated circuits with powerful processors decentralize intelligence on the component level. Hydraulic valves, for example, are continually being optimized with innovative mechanical designs. This new technology can be incorporated into digital electronics.

There have also been advances in valve sealants and materials to support innovative valve technology. Tameson produces the lead in solenoid valves for example and offers various types of sealant. There are pros and cons of each different type. Here is an infographic for more information to help you select the right sealant for your solenoid valve.

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