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5 Ways To Invest Your Money Hard Earned Money

Unless you’re a trained financial adviser, it can be difficult to know what to do with your hard-earned money. Leaving it in the bank might seem like the safest option, but low-interest rates mean that your money isn’t really working for you. Many people want to avoid high-risk investments such as Bitcoin, so look for other, non-standard options. 

If investment opportunities are on your to do list to find your financial independence, here are some it might be worth considering. 

Precious Metals 

People have invested and traded in precious metals, stones, and jewelry for centuries. So is putting your money into gold bars and diamond engagement rings a good idea? 

Many financial experts still believe that this type of investment has it’s place. It’s not just gold either, palladium, platinum and silver are all attractive trading investments. 

Investors can either purchase the metals directly or invest in derivatives markets. 

Peer-to-Peer Lending

These types of schemes have been around for a few years now. Peer-to-peer lending offers finance to businesses and individuals without having to go through the traditional banking system. A group of investors pool their money to lend to qualifying buyers. You receive a fixed payment each month from the interest charges on the loans. The returns on peer-to-peer lending can be quite attractive. 


Buying real estate has long been a popular option for those looking to make high returns on their investment and keep their money out of the traditional banking system (unless you are mortgaging). 

You can buy property to rent out or sell on at a profit. If you don’t want to become a landlord, with all of the responsibilities that entail, then you can always look at alternatives such as investing in property as part of a consortium or partnership. 

Classic Cars

Over the last ten years, classic car investing has provided a higher return on investment than many other options. At the top end of the market, classic cars can sell for millions of dollars. 

Most people though will be looking at a more modest budget. Classic cars aren’t the most expensive, many models at the other end of the market can be considered classics too. As long the vehicle increases in value, then you’ve invested well. 

As with other investment opportunities, you will need to find an expert who knows the classic car market to advise you. Then there is the cost of storing and insuring your cars. 

Antiques and collectables

This market is generally not affected by the same volatile fluctuations as many other investments. Antiques and modern-day collectibles can provide excellent returns. Popular areas to collect in include movie memorabilia, toys. sports memorabilia and  comics. The most expensive comic book was bought for $3.2 million. It cost 10c when it was originally released in 1938. 

Many people who collect antiques hand collectables usually have a semi-professional interest in the market. Often it is a passion project for them as well. If you don’t know the market well, then seek out an expert to help you. 


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