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Cutting The Costs Of Your Business Property

Having a real home for your business brings some real advantages. Firstly, you can cut down the costs associated with renting property by owning your own. Beyond that, however, you can also get your hands on an asset that can help you build a robust investment portfolio and even gain value in the future. However, if you own any business property, you know that it’s not cheap. How your business manages money matters, and there is a range of ways you can better handle the money tied up in that property.

Be smarter with loan payments

If you’re currently looking at the prospect of buying property, then you want to make sure that you understand commercial real estate loans before you end up signing any contracts to enter one. For one, many of the programs designed to help cut the costs of getting a mortgage as a private individual buying property do not exist when it comes to buying commercial property. As such, if you want to lower your costs, the best way is to apply for a lower loan-to-value ratio by having more of the cash to put towards the property upfront. 

Don’t pay more insurance than you need to

Aside from the repayments of any loan you have on it, the highest costs likely to be associated with the property is going to be the insurance that you have to pay on it. Of course, no-one would recommend that you simply stop paying and have an uninsured property, but you might be paying more than you have to. A public adjuster can ensure that your rates always match the coverage that you get. If the value of property changes, for instance, then the insurance on that property should, too.

Share your space

If you want to make it easier to cover all of the costs of owning your own office space or business property, then you might want to consider whether or not you should welcome any other business owners onto the premises. Much like Airbnb has popularised short-term rentals across the world, office space rentals are becoming a much more frequently sought after option, nowadays. If you have more space than you need for your team and your equipment alone, you could rent the extra out to get some help paying the bills.

Control your energy costs

Office and other commercial buildings tend to use a lot more in terms of energy when it comes to heating, lighting, and supplying the team with the power that they need. In fact, office buildings contribute to one-fifth of all the nation’s greenhouse gas emissions. As such, it’s important to look at switching your energy provider, looking to see not only who offers the best rates, but those who also offer installations of energy-saving measures you can implement in the office. It might seem like a little reduction at first, but it all adds up over time.

Owning property may never be cheap, but you can ensure that it’s not draining your business funds with the help of the tips above.


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