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Don't Become A Crime Statistic: Protect Your Business

If you have built up your business from scratch, the last thing that you will want is for criminal activity to undo what you have done. You’ll have put time and effort into your business and any threats from criminals could be quite costly. 

Whether you need a CCTV system or a good firewall and antivirus software, you should have some kind of security measures in place to protect your business. 

In this article, we’ll discuss some of the things that you could be doing in order to keep your business safe from attacks from criminals. 

A Secure Perimeter 

If your business is likely to get broken into, then you need to make sure that you secure it. Setting up some form of a perimeter fence, wall, or barriers can be helpful in acting as a deterrent. 

If you run a store, you may want to consider using shutters to prevent criminals from breaking in through your front window. 

Assess the crime levels in your area and seek advice from local law enforcement. 

Use A Security Guard

Having your premises broken into or vandalized can be very costly. While you may be covered by insurance, it is not an inconvenience that you want to happen. 

Having a security guard present on-site acts as a great deterrent from any criminal activity. If you have large premises, you may want to think about using security dog patrols and two-way radios too. Two-Way City stock a wide range of different radios that can be used to communicate between security guards and contact law enforcement agencies. 

Use A Security Alarm

An intruder alarm will help deter any criminals that are thinking of breaking into your premises. It will also alert you, and the authorities to a crime in progress. 

Use Surveilance Cameras 

Your business needs a CCTV system. Whether you are looking to ensure your site doesn’t get broken into on a night, or you run a store and want to cut down on the number of shoplifters that you get, you’ll need to think about getting security cameras fitted in your business. 

Not only will your use of security cameras deter criminals, but it will also be useful for gathering evidence in the case of prosecution. 

These days, you can get smart security systems that provide access to your surveillance systems from anywhere in the world. That way, you can keep an eye on your premises even if you are not there. 

Don’t Forget IT Security 

IT security is essential. Everyone is at risk on a daily basis from a cyber attack and depending on the type of business you are, you may be an attractive target to businesses many of who will be after your customer’s details. 

Invest in your IT security and outsource the management of your IT security to a specialist company. 

Make sure that your employees are aware of phishing scams and how to avoid them and implement a policy whereby you change your passwords across the whole company once a month. This will ensure you don’t get caught out by hackers trying to get front door access to your files. 


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