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WuWu Life is focused on uniting like-minded nature and life lovers to instill positive changes in ourselves and our environment. As an expat dad, Mikey Wu wants to share all the beautiful benefits of being an expat and entrepreneur. Let's find the best versions of ourselves!

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45 countries visited


Asia - China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Macau, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia, Taiwan, Japan, Cambodia, South Korea, Mongolia


Africa - Egypt


Middle East - Israel, Palestine, Dubai, Jordan


Europe - England, Spain, Switzerland, Germany, France, Netherlands, Ireland, Belgium, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, Scotland, Iceland, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Greece, Austria, Luxemburg


South America - Peru, Colombia


Central America - El Savador


North America - Mexico, Canada, USA



Australia, New Zealand, Palau

About Mikey Wu

The World Is My Playground

Mikey Wu is a passionate individual who has lived his life in a carefree manner since a young age. He calls the world his playground because he’s able to connect with people through the businesses he builds and enjoys what life has brought him.

His company MIKOL has been his primary passion at the moment amongst other things such as raising a baby boy.

Mikey’s free-spirited mind may not suit societal norms of being an “adult.” So, he finds people that share his philosophy of beauty and life.


Work life balance is not something new, but it seems to be a concept that is only talked about. Many of us are driven, ambitious and strive in our 20's. But as we approach 30's, that we seem to lose steam.  Why?

It's because we had energy and was driven by money because that is what society taught us. Get a good education, get a good job work hard, make lots of money and retire.  The problem of after slaving for so long, it's not a real purpose. Maybe you don't want a lot of money, you would rather have more freedom? The richest man in the world Bill Gates found purpose in helping others.

More than ever, people are seeking ways to find liberation from their jobs, relationships, or unattainable dreams.  The struggles of an entrepreneur are rarely seen.  Our founder Mikey grew tired of the hustle and wanted to find happiness in life. Realizing that mission, he began dropping difficult clients even though it would mean less money.  Not working with those difficult clients, meant more time for himself, and more time for his mind and family. Then he sought out experiences that would last and be more meaningful. Fitness, meditation, travel, healthier living, and more importantly deeper & healthier connections with people.  By being a better version of himself, he was able to attract like-minded people that supported the same cause. Which is why he wanted to build a community by inspiring others to find a new way of living. A place of belonging where you go to find your tribe, seek inspiration, connect with your inner child and discover adventure.

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