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Building a Business while Raising a Family

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As a dad entrepreneur, I know all too well the joys and challenges of balancing running a business with raising a family. At WuWu, I have created a supportive and welcoming environment for all parents out there looking to embark on entrepreneurial endeavors. I believe that work and family life can and should coexist in harmony. Join our community and let's embrace the journey together.

Mikey Wu

A serial entrepreneur that embraces life to its fullest. Follow his journeys and learn how you can build yourself businesses that allow you the freedom

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Are you interested in bringing concepts into reality? Building a team of your own?  Come learn about what you can achieve through proper education


Are you feeling empty? Lacking motivation or purpose? Sometimes all you need is the right person to help motivate you.


Do you see all the amazing travels from bloggers and wonder how they do it? We can teach how you to live that life and earn income whie you play!


The first step to achieving and entrepreneurial lifestyle and travel the world is your mindset.  Beliefs, habits, opportunities is our core foucs

Improve your life by eliminating distractions

Utilize your weakness (in this case distraction) to your advantage and make it into something positive.

Steps To Finding Purpose In Life

People their most glamorous part of life. It gives the majority of others a false sense of direction, that once you find “purpose” you will truly and always be happy. This is a fairytale

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Fuck It Mentality

Feelings sometimes get in the way of things. Your feelings could be clouded by outside influence, or if you’re physically not feeling well. You have a brain, use it to THINK about what’s best for you and go do it!

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