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Improve your life by eliminating distractions

We live in a world that wants YOU to be distracted as much as possible. Why?

There is so much money to made off of your distraction. Television, streaming service, movies, social media, apps, video games, and so on that can monetize off of your distraction.

Content is king in marketing, meaning the better the content, the more they have your attention and the increased chances of them making money off of you.

With that being said, you know we all love distractions. That's really why our attention gets pulled away. Many may disagree, but I believe a little distraction here and there is healthy. Helps re-charge our brain batteries. But don't let distractions posses you completely where it destroys creativity, momentum and focus.

Utilize your weakness (in this case distraction) to your advantage and make it into something positive.

First is to learn how to control and minimize those distractions as it is still an addiction.

All around you is an environment of temptations to distract. But it's your choice to engage in them or not:

Distraction is a choice

Think of your life like a business, and you are the CEO. You decide what kind of "company" you want it to be. Some "CEOs" are all about work and driving themselves to the top. These type of people want minimal distraction and focus their entire energy on building their career. Then there are ones that prefer work life balance. And there are even ones that prefer minimal work with minimal living, but just enjoy life.

What kind of CEO are you?

If your business is failing or thriving, it's generally because of you. Many people find it easier to find excuses and blame everything around them but themselves. It's just easier that way. If you're distracted, you can't blame others for distracting you. Just means you're weak and you're easily distracted. Admit it and change! If you tolerate such mediocracy, then that's what you will be. You're just hoping by luck something will propel your change.

I'm personally a work life balance type of CEO. I'm happy to make a little less and relax a little more in exchange to do the things I enjoy.

Positive Distractions for me:

  • Work

  • Email

  • The news

  • Technology

  • Learning new things on the web

Negative Distractions I Avoid:

  • Negative People

  • Stress

  • Social media

  • Social Activities during the week

Nothing can distract you.

No one can derail you.

But they can, if you let them. 

During the workweek, I focus on what matters and needs to be done to achieve the career success I want. This might mean learning the steps that go into implementing a specific plan, or understanding more about a particular element of the business. It could mean setting up a marketing campaign or teaching myself to focus more. Weekend I allow certain distractions because I enjoy it, such as social media, social events

Building Momentum

To build momentum, you need to first build good habits. Without getting a rhythm in life going, it's hard to get going all of a sudden unless you get lucky. But I don't like to gamble my life based on luck.

Follow certain routines such as what was mentioned above about positive and negative distractions. Morning routines are important to me as it's the start of the day. I want it to be fresh, energized, and positive.

I wake up, brush up, have my morning coffee, go through important emails that need to be taken care of right away, and then enjoy my positive distractions while sipping my morning coffee. My morning distractions is to spend a few minutes on Facebook gossip stuff and then move on to news and finance for 45 minutes.

Once that's over, I focus on what needs to be completed day to day and reach weekly goals.

As Jim Rohn says, "you can't change your destination overnight, but you can change your direction overnight".

I hear so many people say they will get to it, or they will do it tomorrow. To me, that's all excuses. If you want it, you'll start now not later.

When you routinely make time to operate at your peak level, your peak level will become routine.

Remove any emotional baggage that blocks your progress and drain your mental energy.

Be honest with yourself, embrace those feelings, emotions, and thoughts. Then be in control of what you want and what you don't want out.