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"Special Guest" App Disrupting the Entertainment Industry

The evident dominance of large tech companies has transformed the way we live. Uber & Lyft has changed the way we use transportation. Airbnb and Zillow has transformed the way residential real estate is discovered, managed, and rented.

Youtube "discovered" Justin Bieber and Instagram has created a new wave of celebrities.

With all these companies in different industries, they all have one thing in common which is how to make life easier.

If you're familiar with actor/comedian Damon Wayans, Jr.’s, him and his partner Kristopher Jones have a plan to disrupt the entertainment industry with their new “Special Guest” App!

As an entrepreneur myself, I love the concept here! It's a traditional industry that larger companies haven't spotted yet, which means there is a good chance to grab market share and establish presence.

As we all know, the entertainment industry is a tough industry to crack! And gigs often go straight to favored talent. And it's not an easy process to get performance gigs. You need to find the right agency or manager to get you those bookings.

Maybe default to online sites such as craiglist.

And even then, the screening process is just not easy whether it's to hire talent or be hired.

If Ed Sheeran didn't get a chance to play at Foxxhole open mic, he may not have been discovered by Jamie Foxx. Think about how much great talent is still out there undiscovered?

Before youtube and instagram, there was no easy channel to get the exposure needed. In the 80's and 90's there were a lot more street performers.

Technology has brought us the convenience to expand ourselves and showcase our talent.

If you are any type of performer, whether a musician, actor, comedian, magician, any talent you would like to showcase, Special guest is the place to be.

Kris has made the app so easy to use that you can sort through by talent by city, type of talent, pricing, reviews and so on. So as an establishment or if you just want to throw a fun birthday party you can easily decide who to hire for the event.

This is the one stop shop for the entertainment industry, and I plan to see them take a dominant position in this industry.

Special guest with Will i. am

The app is free. Have fun and check them app: Special Guest

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