The Million Dollar Idea In 2018

Everywhere I look, there's someone with a million or billion dollar idea! It's either some type of business, product or service that is going to change the world or be a huge hit and make tons of money! Or....there are the ones that see a huge hit and then say "I had that idea loooong ago"! As an entrepreneur, I love brainstorming sessions. It's a brain exercise, fun and motivating! But it's a bit annoying at the same time when you come across these "idea people" who never do anything... Ideas are cheap. People talk about ideas all day long. bla bla bla bla bla..... It means nothing and it is nothing until the idea is properly executed. Turning a good idea into reality determines who wi

AMANSARA, Cambodia - Top Resort In Angkor wat

The first thing that comes to Cambodia are landmines and Angkor Wat! Angkor Wat is the largest religious monument in the world!on a site measuring 162.6 hectares. Angkor is a "city" in Khmer and is located in Siem Reap in the northwestern part of Cambodia. The well-known Angkor Wat is not only the largest temple in the world, but also the most well-preserved temple in the ancient monuments. It is distinguished by the magnificence of the building itself and the carving of the reliefs in the temple. It was popularized by Angelina Jolie's blockbuster movie Tomb Raider. To enjoy such a massive monumental tour, you must be well rested to enjoy right?! Making sure you eat the right foods and not

The World Is My Playground

If you want the WuWu Life, you need to build your own playground. I'll just put it out there now! I'm a man child. A big kid at heart with an aging body. And for all those haters out there...I could careless because I am happy AF! I was criticized a-lot growing up, especially from an Asian background. Nothing was ever good enough, and you could always do better. Meh...good and bad. So.... I picked up the habit of not caring what others thought of me. I did what made me happy. Me comes first! Yes, that sounds selfish, but I would say it's more egocentric. It's not that I'm inconsiderate and mean to others to be selfish. I actually really enjoy helping people/friends with their needs. When

Stop Trying To Find Your Passion

The big talk these days from motivational speakers and success stories is to find your passion. And because of this, most people seemed to be lost because they feel that they need to "find their passion" which will then equate to success and lots of money. Finding your passion does help motivate you through the tough times in business. It's the engine that drives you towards your goals. But you don't need to find it, you should already know what it is. Wanting success, money, fame which often gets confused as passion. This is what we call desires, very different than being passionate. Having passion is like falling in love, you would do it for free because you enjoy it so much! Think a

Salkantay Trek to Machu Picchu (Peru)

The Salkantay trek was one of the most amazing hikes of my life! But it was also one of the hardest hikes!! And I am about to tell you why! The most popular route to see Machu Pichu is the Inca Trail. But one, it's very popular so it's hard to get permits. Two, Salkantay trail is supposed to be top 10 most beautiful hikes in the world. I didn't come all the way here just to wuss out! I'm not afraid of challenges, and in my head I'll finish one way or the other, it's just a matter of effort and time! Sometimes my head gets too big....I really should have trained a little for this hike. I wasn't exactly fit for this trip since I've been on the road for work. I had a 30 lb backpack since I

My Cuzco Trip (Peru)

My journey to Peru began with Cuzco. I flew in there at night from Bogota, Columbia. Everyone warned me about altitude sickness and how serious it was. But my personality is act first and worry about it later, which is probably not the best. I also enjoy challenging myself physically and mentally, so I thought it would be fun without altitude medicine. Once I got in, I met up with my group of friends at the airbnb we were staying at. Initially I didn't really feel much different physically aside from the excitement boiling! Cuzco is a beautiful little city, it is one of my favorite cities in Peru. Lot of shops and restaurants to explore, and the nightlife is fantastic. Everyone was su

How To Get Smarter In 2018

We may not all be geniuses like Albert Einstein, Van Gogh or Mozart, but we can learn from how they became smarter and smarter everyday. And keep in mind, even though these geniuses have high IQ's, they still worked very hard to gain their knowledge, understand and improve. It wasn't like they sat in a chair in the matrix and knowledge just uploaded into their brains. Some people are born with more talent than others, but research has shown that while talent is responsible for extraordinary results, most accomplishments come result from a combination of practice, habit, and mindset. I'm sure Tony Robins will agree to this. General intelligence and creativity can be improved pretty easily by

Fuck It Mentality

I’m not a robot, but feelings sometime get in the way of things. Your feelings could be clouded by what someone says, an event that happened during the day or if you’re physically not feeling well. You have a brain, use it to THINK about what’s best for you and go do it! Feelings are just things that are there….you base your actions on if it feels good or if it feels right. Eating that pizza or desert may feel good at the moment, but is not necessarily a good decision in the long run. And waking up at 5am to go on a hike with friends feels shitty, but when you’re done it is really rewarding. Somethings that feel absolutely amazing but is bad/wrong to do. (Guys, you know what I’m talking abou

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