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Be Happy, Don't Chase Happiness

When most people think of happiness, they think it's happiness all the time, 24/7! That's crazy!! With social media, you see people traveling and having fun all the time. Life coaches telling you to be happy and forget the negativity, that it's a state of mind.

So we try to pursue this constant state of “happiness” as our goal, and avoid anything that may take it away from us.

Life is a balance, a constant yin and yang. Without sadness, a down period, you won't truly understand and appreciate happiness.

Quick Nap

People often tell me I have the best life judging from my facebook and instagram that I'm always traveling to new places, new experiences, trying out new foods and wine. (Which I am) And that's the happy side I show. Being on the road is also very tiring, waking up at different hours all the time, changing hotels to hotels, rushing to meetings, working during the day and socializing at night with 4 hours of sleep. And even though my social media shows me playing all the time, there has to be sometime for work right?

Building a company is definitely not easy, and running one is even harder. My newest venture with marble fashion accessories company, MIKOL took me 2 years to establish a base. And even then, it's still an uphill battle that I fight everyday, not to mention the other companies that have to be ran.

Choosing Marble Blocks

Don't Assume Others Are Always Happy

Negative people already have negative thoughts and assume happy people are always happy. The people chasing happiness want to be like all the successful people who appear to be always happy with their perfect lives.

Everyone seems to be chasing that "happily ever after" story for themselves. In reality, we all have issues and problems. The difference is how "happy" people deal with it.

There is always something missing, something lacking, or something unpleasant.

No one has a perfect life. Richest billionaires, most glamorous celebrities or that top instagrammer who seems to live an amazing life. They have great lives no doubt, but they all have their own set of challenges and problems.

Life goes in cycles. We have our ups and downs. Those negative moments/feelings is only a small fluctuating curve

As the creative director of MIKOL, I've had to deal with countless problems with production, packaging, logistics, sales and marketing and the list goes on.

Its during those major setbacks that make you feel like it's the life or death of my company and life goals. Or question what I'm doing? For split seconds I think that life could be so much easier if I just went to work for a corporation with steady pay.

Then I remind myself that it's just another part in life and we will power through. Life is constantly full of challenges and problems to solve.

You need to keep your sights on the extended curve. Looking back now, a lot of those “really big” problems at the time seem like only small blips in a long line of experiences. Recalling them in my mind now makes me smile!

Just be Happy

I go through rough patches in life just as well as everyone else. What can you do? You solve them. And if it's out of your hands, just accept it.

It’s natural to want to be happy as often as possible. So be happy? Happiness means appreciation and enjoying what you have already in life. Whether it's friends, family, simple meals or just watching Netflix at home.

We are humans with feelings and emotions. If you're chasing for that perfect happiness, you'll never achieve it. Perfection makes you find flaws, and something will always be missing in life.

It's good to grow, have goals and want more, be ambitious. But don't be dependent on that for happiness.

If life was perfect, you wouldn’t grow.

Gracefully understand that happiness is a fluctuation of positive and negative events.

Understand the importance of gratitude.

Think about why kids are so happy? They live for the moment! They enjoy everything to its fullest! They appreciate what is given to them and not think about what is missing in their lives.

Want to Live the WuWuLife?

Anyone can live it! Enjoy the moment! Enjoy what you have already and not what you can't have. Be around good positive people that will help you grow within to be a better person.

Your life will be filled with beautiful, happy and incredible moments. Happy tears and joyous shouts and funny stories. But you will have to accept that it comes with rain and storms that don’t ever seem to pass when you’re going through them.

Treasure those happy moments and power through the sad ones. When you feel that you've hit rock bottom, the only way to go is UP!.

No need to avoid sadness or negative experiences, accept it, solve it and move on.

In the end you will be fine. Don't close yourself off, allow yourself to experience what is meaningful and shareable with others. Make the best of what life has to offer you!

I choose to be happy by surrounding myself with good friends.

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