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How To Make Money With Just Your Laptop & iPhone

Sick and tired of seeing all these bloggers travel the world, have fun and not have to worry about a job? can do it too with all these online gigs available.

Or you just want to earn a little side income?

I've put together a list of online platforms that you can earn some extra cash without affecting your lifestyle too much.

But if you really want a change, building a business is still the best route in my opinion.

You can launch a startup based on a passion. It’s not unheard of for individuals to quit the rat race, launch their venture, and go global. Your world will morph from sitting at a desk working for an overbearing boss to actioning international payments, crafting a business vision and enjoying life.

There are many software options that can help you get started with building a business and managing your personal and company finances. Websites like Pigly.Com can not only help you get started with a business, but it can also help you free up money in your current budget to open up your finances even more. 

Ready to start seriously boosting your income?

Top 10 Online Jobs

The internet has been the easiest or most convenient way to make money, especially when you're traveling.

1. Swagbucks: Play some games, online shopping and filling out some surveys and get paid!

2. Usertesting: Record your voice while testing websites to earn cash.

3. Fiverr: Get creative and provide some service to sell for 5 bucks or more.

4. iWriter. If you're a writer, this is the place to go. Write for cash.

5. Constant Content. Another marketplace to sell your writing skills.

6. Prolific Academic. If you're a student with a student email, you can fill out surveys for cash.

7. Rev Transcription. Transcribe audio pieces and get paid.

8. Amazon Mechanical Turk. Carry out simple human intelligence tasks in large batches.

9. Appen. Apply for online positions like social media evaluator.

10. Leapforce. Conduct in-depth internet research as a Leapforce At Home agent.

Top 5 Social Media Jobs

You like being on social media? This maybe the place to rock and roll!

1. Help companies plan out their ad campaigns by being a facebook certified professional.

2. Make amazing Youtube videos and make money through ads, affiliate links or sponsorships.

3. Be instafamous and sell your photos to brands or promote their products.

4. Brands will pay you to manage their official pages if you're good.

5. Sell products via social media. Build up a strong following, then post links to your eCommerce store.

Top 5 Apps to Make money

1. Field agent. Basically a secret shopper app to gather information for the app and get paid.

2. Ibotta. Cashback on everyday purchases when you send a photo of your receipt.

3. Foap. You can sell your social media photos.

4. Task Rabbit. Sign up to complete tasks like DIY, cleaning, and running errands.

5. Pact. This one is pretty fun! You set fitness goals with other members. If you hit them, you get paid, if you don't, you pay the other pact member.

Setup a e-commerce business

1. Sell on Amazon

2. Sell unwanted items on ebay

3. Etsy is another great selling platform

4. Shopify is my favorite for creating an online platform to sell goods.

5. Plenty of facebook groups to sell items.

Want to work from home?

If you have certain skill sets such as coding, animating, graphic design or good at writing translation, there are plenty of hiring to do so.

Hope this was a helpful guide for you. Have fun! Make that extra play money and join me on some fun adventures! Make the world your playground!

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