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Fuck It Mentality

I’m not a robot, but feelings sometime get in the way of things. Your feelings could be clouded by what someone says, an event that happened during the day or if you’re physically not feeling well.

You have a brain, use it to THINK about what’s best for you and go do it!

Feelings are just things that are there….you base your actions on if it feels good or if it feels right.

Eating that pizza or desert may feel good at the moment, but is not necessarily a good decision in the long run.

And waking up at 5am to go on a hike with friends feels shitty, but when you’re done it is really rewarding.

Somethings that feel absolutely amazing but is bad/wrong to do. (Guys, you know what I’m talking about ;)

It’s easy to act on feelings. It’s like scratching an itch, it’s there and you take care of it, a quick satisfaction. But it goes as quickly as it comes.

However, acting on what is right is much more difficult. That’s why so many people who want to start a business can never start. It’s because so many “feelings” tell them it doesn’t “feel right”. Really it’s the fear that is causing these “feelings”.

When you can get past those feelings, and plan out a proper strategy that makes sense for success, then go for it! Doing nothing is a zero percent chance of success. Do something at-least gives you a chance. And proper planning, strategizing increases the percentage of success.

And when you do it right, that “feeling” is absolutely amazing! Those positive effects lasts much longer. You remember that hard process and feel pride in what you have achieved.

Main point is that when you do something right, it builds self-esteem and adds meaning to our lives.

Brain or Heart?

So just ignore your feelings and go do what’s right? Easy right?


Sounds easy, but very hard to do.

Your brain likes to mess with you!

You will try to make sense of what feels good is right.

For example, you have a set schedule of working out 3 times a week at the gym. But today you are feeling lazy, so your brain will tell yourself that you had a hard day at work and deserve a break.

What will you do? Oh thanks Brain! I’ll take the day off!

You may slack today, then maybe a couple more times the week after and after and so on….

Habits are important.

Build the habit of the “fuck it mentality”! Everytime you come across something that fits your goals, just do it! It’s going to feel shitty, but you know it’s right.

People see my instagram page and ask me how I’m always so active, whether it’s going on hikes, dives, traveling, etc. Of course I feel lazy too and just want to be a bum at home on weekends. But I know that day will be a complete waste. If I just force myself to go, I’ll enjoy it and it will feel more rewarding in the end.

I’ll have explored somewhere new, experienced something different, and is physically healthy for me.

Same with business. I weight out the risk and reward and just do it.

A friend told me to start a personal blog Wuwulife, said it would help tie in all my businesses and be beneficial for me. I liked the idea, but didn’t like how time consuming it was(meaning doesn’t “feel right”).

But does that mean it’s right? No, atleast having something is better than nothing at all.

Getting a website up and ready didn’t really cost that much, so I was really only losing some time.

So I said fuck it! Even it’s a shitty site for now, let’s get the ball rolling.

And so I put something together, and now I’m slowly adding more content and tweaking the site when I have time.

I plan to challenge myself to start another project for 2018. And I may feel a little overwhelmed already, but fuck it! We only live once!

Hope you guys enjoyed this and will join my on my journey.

I started a new facebook page to track my progress of all the new developments if you would like to follow me.

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