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How To Get Smarter In 2018

We may not all be geniuses like Albert Einstein, Van Gogh or Mozart, but we can learn from how they became smarter and smarter everyday.

And keep in mind, even though these geniuses have high IQ's, they still worked very hard to gain their knowledge, understand and improve. It wasn't like they sat in a chair in the matrix and knowledge just uploaded into their brains.

Some people are born with more talent than others, but research has shown that while talent is responsible for extraordinary results, most accomplishments come result from a combination of practice, habit, and mindset.

I'm sure Tony Robins will agree to this.

General intelligence and creativity can be improved pretty easily by anyone.

I'll easily break it down into an hour for you.

10 Minute Reflection

Take a moment to focus on yourself, and be completely honest. Explore the questions about yourself that you care about and that will help you grow. What excites you? What truly makes you happy? What brings you down? What areas in life do you need to improve to be a better person? Are you where you want to be in life?

These are just some examples. Dive in those deep contemplative questions.

It's very rewarding when you can figure out life on your own. You will have that "ah ha moment" that just clicks!

It's very beneficial when you can break down things in your head about yourself and better make sense of what is going up in there.

Ask yourself one hard question every day and take time to ponder it.

20 Minutes Of Reading

The internet makes learning so much easier! Truly go explore and increase your knowledge! Of course books are great as well!

Find an area you want to improve upon, and dive in! Learn from experts to become one yourself.

Articles like this one is great to engage and motivate you, but then you should move further and learn more about the subject that interest you.

Challenge yourself by learning something new.

Absorbing new information, processing it and understanding is what really will sharpen your mind.

30 Minutes Of Implementation

With your new found knowledge, go test it out. Debate with another expert and see what they say. Or go practice the method that you just learned.

Gaining knowledge is only theoretical. You won't truly understand it until you put it into practice and go through the small challenges.

You can read how easy it is to start an e-commerce business or start a travel blog. But there is much more to implementing it than what's being taught. The designs, layout, writing, promotions, etc. is all quite tedious, and requires creative methods to bring it to life.

Don't let this stop you! This is what makes it fun! The hardship of growing, improving yourself and eventually being better than the normal person that won't put in the effort.

2018 Is The Time To Start!

Many people may think they do these things already, which is partially true. But just cause you go to the gym for an hour and lift weights here and there means you will look like Arnold Schwartznager.

Not many people reflect deeply enough. And while everyone reads, they don't read what's worth consuming.

Implementation is key! It's like my gym analogy. Going through the motions means nothing, still requires hard work and effort.

Not everyone is born a genius, but anyone can get smarter.

The people who we see as smart work hard, do the little things that are easily neglected by most people. Over time, these little things add up, not just magically appear.

Build in these good habits for 2018

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