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Stop Trying To Find Your Passion

The big talk these days from motivational speakers and success stories is to find your passion. And because of this, most people seemed to be lost because they feel that they need to "find their passion" which will then equate to success and lots of money.

Finding your passion does help motivate you through the tough times in business. It's the engine that drives you towards your goals. But you don't need to find it, you should already know what it is. Wanting success, money, fame which often gets confused as passion. This is what we call desires, very different than being passionate. Having passion is like falling in love, you would do it for free because you enjoy it so much!

Think about when you were a kid. You were driven by simple pleasures and passion to enjoy yourself. You would seek out whatever is fun and would go days at it. Nobody told you to do it, you just did it. You were led merely by your curiosity and excitement.

And when you finally learned that you didn't like it, you simply just moved on without guilt. You either liked it or didn't.

There was no second thought about if this is the right activity for me, do I care about what my friends think of me playing with this, or how will this affect my future? Nope! If you liked it, you did it!

Maybe that's why we were happier as kids?

How did I find my passion?

People ask me all the time how I found my passion or to help them find theirs. I was also lost in that passion chasing trap before I realized I was chasing something very empty. The more I chased, the emptier I felt.

For people who know me, they know how much of a man child I am. And I've always disliked societal norms of being "responsible" of being an "adult". I was having a hard time adjusting like many out there. Social media has created this image of people living luxurious, not working hard and being so successful. It was hard to live up to that standard of life when you couldn't.

It wasn't until I said "EF it" that I became happier. Just doing what I liked and not caring what others thought.

Every time I start a new business or project, there are always people around that will tell me someone's done it already, or what I have is not good enough, etc. etc. etc. I realized it's the fear of not knowing that stops passion. As a child, we didn't care, we just did it and dealt with the consequences later.

If I had 60% confidence in something and 80% drive, I'll just go do it! As I changed my perspective, I became happier. It became fun! The not knowing was a challenge to prove others wrong. There's no way to know who's right or wrong until it's performed!

Most people know what they want already, they just choose to ignore it because they are scared! Plain and simple.

Don't expect to live that glamorous life you see on Instagram or youtube. Everybody has ups and downs, no matter how big the youtube star or if you're Bill Gates. People seem to think I live a great carefree life from my instagram posts. And I do, I want to live my life to its fullest! If you step into my shoes, we probably have the same worries, problems to deal with. But how I perceive it is much different than you. I'm appreciative with what I have and what I can do even though I want more. Embrace your passion and enjoy what you have already.

Just be a kid again. If you like something, just do it! Stop thinking so much. I'm not a great writer as you can tell already, blogging is not my forte, but I want to keep track of my journey in life and also share my opinion with people who share the same view as me.

I started a facebook group for whoever would like to have a friendly discussion.

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