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The World Is My Playground

If you want the WuWu Life, you need to build your own playground.

I'll just put it out there now! I'm a man child. A big kid at heart with an aging body. And for all those haters out there...I could careless because I am happy AF!

I was criticized a-lot growing up, especially from an Asian background. Nothing was ever good enough, and you could always do better. Meh...good and bad. So.... I picked up the habit of not caring what others thought of me. I did what made me happy. Me comes first! Yes, that sounds selfish, but I would say it's more egocentric.

It's not that I'm inconsiderate and mean to others to be selfish. I actually really enjoy helping people/friends with their needs. When I say egocentric, I mean I don't care how others perceive or judge my behavior.

If I want to roll around in the snow and enjoy myself like a kid, I don't care if someone criticizes me being immature or that I shouldn't be doing that.

Step 1:

That was the first step of creating my playground. If you want to have fun, you need to bend some rules (not break laws, but social rules).

And plenty of people will judge you for what you do, what you wear, what you eat and how to live your life. As long as you know you're a good person, don't break the law, ethically right, go be you! Be mentally strong and confident.

Step 2:

Positive mindset.

I have bad days too! I have some terrible days as I am sure most business owners can relate. But it's how I perceive things, that changes me as a person. Life goes on, and you need to embrace those ups and downs.

When things are bad, I look at the worst case scenario and see if I can figure out a solution. And if I can't, then I think if I am able to accept the worst case scenario? Once that clicks in my mind, I find ways to move on and find something better that will lead me to happiness.

It is really those low points in life that you learn to appreciate what you have when you do rise above. Plus, it would be boring if everything always went your way. There would be no challenge.

Step 3:

Be active, push yourself out of your comfort zone and keep an open mind.

Why do I say the world is my playground? Because that's the mindset I have it as! The central goal and focus around my life is to have fun and be the happiest person I can be.

If you opened your mind to accepting happiness and be appreciative, you can enjoy your life and see the world as a playground as well.

- I find work that brings me fulfillment, challenge and excitement which is fun!

- Surrounding myself with positive like minded people which also makes me happy.

- Every country, every city/town that I visit, I explore the local shops, restaurants and sites which I really enjoy.

- Experiencing new activities, learning new things is a ton of fun to me.

- Spending quality time with family and truly being me.

I am lazy, so often times I do need to push myself and get out there to do these activities. But once I'm out there doing it, I'm really having a great time.

Take the time to understand yourself, know what you like and also understand your weaknesses so you can figure a way to counter them. You have all the answers! You don't need to follow someone else's happiness. Forget about what the trend is, go do you! And when you do, life is so much better! There is so much to do on this planet! So many interesting and good people to meet! Wonderful foods to taste!

Rafting in Peru

If you are ready to join my playground, message me on facebook or instagram.

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