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Why It's Time For Wellness Experts At Work

The business world has long accepted that leaders, business owners, and business managers should not be wearing multiple hats simultaneously if they want to succeed. Expertise, as much as time, is precious. Therefore, leaders are steering away from a do-it-all-by-oneself approach. They actively seek the support they need to free up time and resources and grow the company.

The introduction of new technology and consultants into everyday work life is proof of this need for smart delegation. Whether they choose to bring in independent experts that can deliver project-based or recurring support, or use automation to reduce manual labor, business owners have mastered the art of staying on top of things by entrusting others along the journey. Why do yourself what someone or something else could do better?

However, the time has come to diversify the need for expert solutions that a company needs. Independent consultants do not have to support business activities. They should also deliver durable help to make your employees’ work life more enjoyable. Why does it matter? Because employees are your biggest asset, after all.

Desk jobs are bad for your joints

Most desk workers sit for several hours in a position that can put a strain on the body. After a long day, many experience back and shoulder pains. Additionally, the sedentary position also affects joints, as these can become sore and lose their mobility. For an independent health entrepreneur, the opportunity to become a physical therapist for business services could be the on-site consultant of the future. Providing relief to desk job employees and helping them to regain mobility and flexibility in their muscles and joints can be a profitable venture. More importantly, from a company’s perspective, there’s a lot to gain in keeping staff healthy at work, from reduced sick days to increased productivity.

Work isolation is a real problem

More and more skilled individuals find it hard to integrate with existing teams. Joining a company can be an exciting experience. However, a job title doesn’t mean you belong to the team. Consequently, a lot of professionals feel isolated at work, a place in which they spend the major part of waking hours. Office isolation is a commonly overseen issue that can lead to a loss in productivity and low team morale. When employees struggle to join groups and engage with each other at a social level, it’s important to improve your office communication skills. Being able to communicate effectively in your job is not the same as reaching out and creating a bonding experience with co-workers. As such, team bonding and communication experts can help individuals to come together and create a community.

Office workers have larger waist sizes

According to a study conducted by experts from the Warwick Medical School, office and sedentary jobs are detrimental to weight and heart health. Waist circumference increases for office desk population, raising the risk of heart disease significantly over their career. Ultimately, regular fitness activities have been part of a healthy lifestyle for many years. However, we tend to forget that desk jobs are also linked with unhealthy snacks and other poor food decisions. These can reduce energy levels, which makes it more challenging to stay active. Companies can tackle the problem at its core with the help of an on-site nutritionist, who can advise staff during working hours.

Everybody needs to relax

Stress is the number one killer in the workplace. Indeed, stress is everywhere, even though we can’t see it with naked eyes. Heavy workload, challenging meetings, demanding clients are some of the most commonly quoted reasons for feeling anxious at work. In the long term, stress can lead to depression, heart diseases, and a weakened immune system. It can cost a company money and an employee their health. Unfortunately, we can’t eliminate stress from our work lives. Yet, we can learn to manage it with on-site yoga and meditation classes. Companies such as Google have already introduced relaxation programs through fitness and mindful meditation in their offices. What’s stopping you from following their example?

Friendly matchmakers can build new networks

In essence, matchmakers used to help organize marriages between families. Nowadays, in modern societies, you can find matchmaking applications that bring people with shared interests and needs together, dating apps. Matchmakers for teams do not need to create romantic relationships. However, helping workers to make friends they can trust in the business could reduce loneliness and depression at work. Friends, more than professional network connections, make the workplace enjoyable and creative.

Companies need to invite new experts to join and support their business growth. Putting your employees first is essential to bringing the company to the next level. Pay rises, and new responsibilities matter. Yet, they do not achieve as much as wellness experts who can advise, connect, soothe, and encourage individuals to become a better version of themselves.

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