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Surprisingly Common Finds That Ruin Your Home Investment

When you buy a new home, the first thing that comes to mind is to check which treasures the previous owners have left behind. It’s not uncommon to discover old writings recording the height of the children on the wall, hidden by a fresh layer of wallpaper. Sometimes, if the previous owner has left some of their furniture behind, you can come across old photo albums or handwritten postcards, reminiscing of earlier times. There’s always a bittersweet moment when you realize you’re holding a piece of someone’s story in your hands.

However, sometimes, old properties can bring bad surprises too. Indeed, whether you’re buying a property as an investment or a primary home, you need to be prepared to clear the grounds of those common finds that could deplete the value of the property.

Building sites leftovers buried in the garden

Building leftovers are surprisingly frequent in both old and new homes. There are tell-tale signs that can help you find them around the property. Typically, building materials and equipment that is left behind get buried underneath a thin layer of soil. As a result, you may find patches where the grass doesn’t grow or where rain puddles form. When you start digging the area, you are likely to face some challenges, from dismantling scaffolding to wondering where to recycle bricks and concrete blocks. It’s a good idea to get in touch with the local recycling centres for tips and assistance!

Car parts and oils in the garage

Anybody who’s been working on their vehicle to repair problems or run essential checks before a road trip, knows that cars can get messy. Changing your engine oil or your brakes can lead to piles of bits and bottles of dirty fluids that accumulate at the back of the garage. Nowadays, it’s easy to head to your recycling station to find out what to do with these. However, former owners may not have had the option back then!

The skeletons of former pets

It’s a gruesome discovery that you never want to make. However, if you’re going to enhance the garden and add a landscaping pattern, you may find yourself digging up small animal bones. Don’t panic! These are more likely the bones of the former pet in the house. A lot of households would have given their pets a loving burial up to the early 1980s after which many pet owners ask their local vet to handle it. You can choose to rebury them in a more convenient spot or ask local authorities for support.

Empty bottles and wastes hidden by the overgrown garden

Everyone loves a garden party. However, when your property has an overgrown garden, chances are that nobody has been cleaning up the areas for a long tie. As a result, you may find wastes left by intruders – teenagers who don’t want to be seen, rough sleepers, etc. – such as glass bottles and plastic packaging. That’s why you should always check before you decide to mow high grass in a new property.

Investing in real estate, either as a homeowner or as a landlord, could be a profitable venture. However, when you buy a property, you need to be clear about keeping the place manageable, which means removing disturbing finds that could affect its value.

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