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Examine What's Really Making You Unhappy - And How to Fix It

Happiness isn't something that you can feel all the time. It's an emotion that you get to feel now and then, balanced out by lots of other emotions. But you can feel content with your life, which might result in lots more opportunities to feel happiness. If you've been feeling unhappy or discontent with your life, you might not even really know why. Sometimes you just feel like something is wrong, or your life isn't going the way that you expected it too. If you want things to change, there are some key areas of your life that you might want to examine.

Your Work

You spend a large chunk of your time at work. In fact, if you work a full-time job, about a third of most of your days are spent at work. Your job and career don't have to make you ecstatic, but it's difficult to keep going when you're working a job that you don't like. It's important that there's some aspect of your job that you like or at least can tolerate, whether it's interesting work, using your skills, or getting to spend time with colleagues and other people. A change in job or career could be the path to finding greater satisfaction in your life.

Your Health

When so much of your time is spent at work, finding time to take care of your health can be difficult. You might have around eight hours a day when you're not working or sleeping, but the reality is that a lot of it can be filled with other commitments. When you don't feel healthy or think that you should be making more of an effort to live a healthy lifestyle, it can be easier to beat yourself up about it than to make a change. But there are plenty of ways to get started and make changes to your diet, exercise, and more.

Your Relationship

It can be tough to examine your romantic relationship, partnership or marriage. Admitting that it might not be working is definitely not always an easy thing to do. But staying in an unhappy relationship isn't good for either of you. The thought of divorce lawyers and separation might not be one that you want to entertain, but sometimes it's the best way to get to a happier place. However, there are other options if you're unhappy in your relationship, such as couple's counseling and similar solutions.

Your Future

Thinking about the future can cause you a lot of stress. Maybe you feel like your life isn't going where you want it too. Perhaps you pictured your future with a high-flying career or a lot of time traveling, but now you find it difficult to picture much of anything. If you don't know what awaits you in your future, it could be time to start setting some goals and making some plans. It could help you to create a vision of your vision and take steps to achieve it.

Take a close look at different aspects of your life to work out what might be troubling you and how you could make a change.

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