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3 Things To Try In The Snow

If you are hot-footing it to a winter vacation destination early next year, the chances are you may be at a loss at what to do when you get to your snow-laden hotspot. Many people prefer the heat of the summer sun, coastal vistas, seafood, and a dip to cool off in a pool. However, winter holidays can be just as fulfilling. If you’ve never ventured to a chillier climate before, you could be surprised at just how much more you can do other than ski, ski, and ski some more. Take a look at these three things to try in the snow.

Apres Living

Snowy destinations are often some of the most luxurious and tourist-friendly in the world. While you might be used to a little taverna by the sea or a bistro on the coast, at Val d’Isere or Whistler, you could enjoy some excellent apres socializing in bars, the finest restaurants, and the cutest cafes. Gourmet chefs rustle up some hearty and warming cuisine in some of the finest restaurants in Europe and Canada. Cheese fondue, wine tasting, and three-course fine dining is the usual fayre when hot-footing it to a winter vacation destination. If your partner is enjoying a day on the black routes, skiing down the mountain, you could relax in the wood-clad cozy cafes of your resort with a hot chocolate and some delicious delicacies.


If you aren’t much of a skier, but you fancy partaking in a spot of active snow action, think about having a go at snowboarding. Whip on a hydration pack, enroll in a school, and receive some expert tuition at your resort. There’s nothing better than spending a few hours each day learning a new skill on vacation. Yes, you might fall down a few times, you might ache the following day, and you might feel shattered come the evenings, but you will feel reinvigorated after snowboarding down a mountain feeling the wind rushing past you and taking in the scenery around you. Taking snowboarding lessons while on holiday will also help you to make new friends with like-minded people and develop your confidence while having fun in the snow.


If you have ventured north of the Arctic Circle and you’re skiing or snowboarding in Iceland, Norway, or the upper echelons of Canada, you might encounter a glacier or two. Instead of spending everyday skiing, consider venturing on a tour of a glacier. Snowshoeing is a little gentler in pace, but the views can be massively rewarding. Hiking across a glacier can be awe-inspiring. While on a tour, you will learn about the geographical history of an area and finish off the day with a cup of hot chocolate, maybe a tipple or two, and a great meal with newfound friends.

Heading to a winter holiday destination is radically different from sunbathing on a beach in the height of summer. Destinations tend to be more laid back, the vibe is more relaxed, and the activities that you can enjoy are varied. Follow this guide and consider trying three new things in the snow.


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