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Asiana Airline Lounge (ICN Seoul)

I used to frequent Seoul, Korea for work, and really enjoyed the main international Incheon airport in Seoul. It's also one of the business airports in the world! But plenty of activities there!

Huge terminal filled with shops, food court, cafes, cultural centers, massages, and so on. (Don't get confused with Gimpo Airport which is about 45 minutes drive from Incheon airport)

This is a big airport, so I would identify where your gate is and have an idea how much time needed to get there from where you are.

Big airport means plenty of lounges to rest your feet or snack up! Since this is one of Asiana Airlines main hub, their lounges are worth the visit.

Upon entry, you will see that they have a beautiful lounge entrance as you can see below.

This lounge has two sections, which means plenty of space. For a busy airport, I haven't experienced it being overly crowded.

It has the standard free wifi, magazine and newspaper, business center area, food and drinks

They also have showers if you've had a long trip or need a quick rinse. I find showers to be great after a long trip or if you have a lay over to freshen up.


Plenty of space to grab a TV and relax a bit.

Then the dining area! My favorite part!

Unfortunately, for such a big lounge, the food is very mediocre. It's not bad, but let's just say I've had better.

All the lounges I've been in Korea have standard Shin Ramen and other cup of noodles.

Aside from that, there's a salad bar, cereal, and a few options of hot food.

They could have done a much better job with their hot food selection.

For an airline line lounge, the alcohol selection is not too bad. If you're looking to "wine" down (Pun intended) this would be a good spot.

Coffee, beer, soft drinks all included of course.

To enter, you must be at-least a star alliance Gold member, flying business and above or have a priority card.

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