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How to Make the Most Of Your Downtime While Traveling

Experienced globetrotters already know how significant downtime is while traveling, whereas novice adventurers push themselves too much, which risks ruining the tail-end of the trip because they’re too exhausted to do anything. Still, any downtime can feel like you’re wasting your time. You should be out seeing and doing things like everyone else. But downtime can be more productive than you think and makes the rest of your trip even better.

Catch Up On Your Sleep

From flights, connections, and long bus journeys to basking in the excitement of your destination, you may not have had a decent night’s sleep in a while. You might think that coffee and energy drinks can keep you going, but this won’t last long until you crash.

On days when you don’t have any plans to have a few drinks or go out, take the opportunity to catch up on your sleep. Head to bed early, get cozy and sleep through the night for the first time in weeks. You’ll feel more than thankful for the rest you get and it will help you enjoy the remainder of your vacation.

Call Family And Friends Back Home

It could have been ages since you last spoke to your parents or jumped on a group call with your friends. Lazy mornings and afternoons are an excellent way to check in and keep in touch with the people you miss most.

Chatting with your friends and family can help heal the homesickness that might have crept in as your travels progress. This is natural, and most people experience homesickness at some point, especially during longer adventures, so a quick chat can ground you and help you look forward to the rest of your trip.

Watch Something

There are some nights when even the most passionate travelers don’t want to do anything. Instead, they’d much rather lay in bed and catch up on shows they’ve missed since being away. Although many streaming services are region-blocked, learning how to watch HBO Max in Australia or other locations is a fantastic way to kill an hour or two and you don’t need to worry about stumbling across spoilers, either.

Write About Your Adventure

Traveling is exciting for everyone and all have particular ways to record it. Some take photographs and post them to Instagram, while others keep running video logs for TikTok or YouTube. If you prefer to write, you can start a travel blog at any point during your journey.

Setting up a free site is easy and you can write about the day you’ve had as soon as you get home so it’s fresh in the memory and every detail stands out still. You might inspire others to travel and do the same as you, too!

Making Downtime Work For You

You don’t need to spend all day laying around the hostel or sitting in your dorm or hotel room. A few hours here and there will help you unwind and relax as you get the chance to switch off and catch up on things you have missed since you began traveling. Rather than burning the candle at both ends, it’s always better to set aside a day here and there to recharge so you truly appreciate how lucky you are.


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