Matina Lounge (ICN Seoul, Korea Airport)

This is probably my favorite lounge so far in Seoul, Korea Incheon airport. If you're flying Asiana airlines, they tend to have these super long layovers if you're booking a cheaper flight. Some of them are overnight which is annoying.

I haven't tried it out yet, but Matina lounge also offers hotel rooms which maybe a good idea if you don't want to leave the airport. Most places are atleast 30 minute drive away.

If you reserve early enough, they have showers you can use. Usually small boutique lounges like these don't have the shower option.

This lounge is very small though. It's like a typical small family restaurant size.

The wait was about 20 minutes. The service was good, they really make an effort to seat you soon as they can. Unfortunately, the establishment is just small.

BUT! I would say the food here is the best out of all the lounges I've tried in Korea.

Not much of a liquor selection though.

If food is more important, then I would recommend this lounge when you are in Korea.

It is very much restaurant style though.

If you're looking for more comfort, I would checkout the Asiana lounge. If you want a medium between this and Asiana business lounge, then check out Sky hub lounge.

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