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Productivity Tools for Success

The world is a very different place now than it was even ten years ago. AI, algorithms, and analytics have greatly increased productivity both in manufacturing and across all business types, small, medium, and large. Accompanying this is a new culture of mindfulness, wellness, and a shift in how people work and what they do for work. These changes have also produced new models of productivity that work exceptionally well in the new economy.  

Access Pure Productivity 

We are human beings, and our minds are easily distracted, sometimes with a conversation, other times because of a sense of boredom with the task at hand. We drift, and then we come back, having lost valuable productivity time. What if you could eliminate these distractions and instead operate with efficiency and energy? That describes the 'flow-state'; you can access it by applying mindfulness to the task at hand and enjoying the moment while you work. 

Use the 80/20 Rule 

The 80/20 rule lives in the same universe as pure productivity; it works around the idea of accessing optimal productivity for a task in the day. Put simply; you prioritize your day around those tasks that are likely to move the needle the most. Once you have these tasks complete, the rest of your workload can be completed using the same method, or at your leisure. The 80/20 rule allows you to build more downtime into your day and live a more fulfilled life as a result. 

Long Term Planning

Also known as 'frontloading' or 'appropriate planning,' project managers use long-term planning to develop strategies that optimize a project for future efficiency. Instead of focusing on short term aims and objectives, the project is viewed as a successful future manifestation, and the infrastructure for that is put in place. One example might be to create a website that is ready to support a large user base after the SEO strategy is implemented, or using a managed IT service at Planning in this way helps the pieces to fall into place more easily and improves productivity. 

Practice Supporting Skills  

Every business needs workers with particular skill sets; these are learned through education, training, or work experience; but are other supporting skills that workers need to function productively. These could be writing skills, computer skills, or data entry skills. Similarly, an athlete will also train in yoga and martial arts; it can improve your job performance if you regularly practice supporting skills. Doing so will significantly increase your productivity. 

Manage Your Energy 

In the old days, time management was the best advice for productivity. It tells you to prioritize your tasks in the time you have and complete them systematically. Of course, this can work, but with energy management, it's possible to be more proactive with less effort and less wasted time. If you're a morning person, you will have the most energy in the morning, so prioritize your tasks for then. Similarly, if you find you have the most energy in the afternoon, you will work best at that time. 


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