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Protecting Your Stock Room Appropriately

When your business purchasing inventory, it’s important to handle it well. We often think of keeping these products at the right temperature, or ensuring they are stored in an organized fashion, and all of this is important. However, while it can seem that most threats businesses face are online in the present day, we do also need to protect our inventory, if it holds some value, from theft.

But how can you best ensure your stock room is protected and that it’s only accessible to verified professionals? Furthermore, how can you ensure that missing items are easily traced and accountability remains high? After all, we must trust our staff, but also double check they are trustworthy from time to time.

For instance, consider fisheries that raise Sturgeon for their caviar. One fish, raised over years, can hold caviar eggs worth tens of thousands of dollars. Just one theft of several tins could equal thousands in lost revenue. So - how can you protect against these outcomes? Let’s consider, below:

Use Excellent Locks & Strong Doors

Using excellent locks and strong doors may be the classic means of keeping people out of a valuable area, but it works, and it works well. You can see the kinds of lock systems, such as the Mul T Lock MT5 Plus, and how they might be able to better secure your rooms with lower risks of intrusion. Properly controlling entrances and exits will help you avoid allowing the wrong people into the wrong area, and more importantly than that, you will hold those who enter accountable thanks to your recording systems.

CCTV Is Your Friend

CCTV is important. Invest in a high-end system, with good quality camera coverage and resolution. Color and sound can be worthwhile additions but remember that sound coverage does add up in your storage files. Accessible cameras such as this and secure footage backup can help you more easily see where break-ins occur, or the presence of a secured, unreachable camera itself can prove to be a deterrent. Of course, be sure to be careful when placing your cameras, securing them in staff rooms or other personal areas are is bad form, and may be illegal in some countries.

Vet Staff & Account For Answers

It’s important to vet your staff to an appropriate degree and to ensure that responsibility is always best measured. Clocking in and out to a room can help you ensure you know who was responsible for entering at that time, or if someone untrained has entered, or if protocols were not followed. Vetting staff, of course, is also a reliable means of ensuring you’re bringing the right people into your organization. Only allow them access to your valuables if you trust them and can observe their candor. Track your inventory tightly. This will help you understand your potential approach in the best possible sense.

With this advice, we hope you can protect your stock room appropriately, to the degree it deserves to be cared for.


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