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Which Marketing Tasks Should You Outsource?

There are some marketing tasks such as social media marketing and email marketing that you can do yourself. However, there are other marketing tasks that are better placed in the hands of experts if you want them to be done well. These are some of the marketing tasks that should be outsourced. 

Event planning

Thinking of putting on a marketing event such as a sales conference or a launch party? Hiring a marketing events company can save you a lot of time and can ensure that your marketing event looks professional. These companies will have all the necessary contacts such as chair hire, catering, and banner design. They may even have access to exclusive deals with these vendors, allowing you to save money overall. You still have control over all the details, however, it saves you a lot of time having to then implement all the ideas.

Web design

While you can use the likes of WordPress and Shopify to build your own website without coding knowledge, these DIY sites can sometimes end up looking amateurish or generic if you haven’t got a good eye for web design. A professional web designer will be able to build you a site that is unique and high quality. Websites built from scratch are often faster, more secure, and more SEO-friendly. Make sure to hire a web design agency that has a good reputation - it’s all too easy to go cheap and hire a fellow amateur. 


SEO stands for ‘search engine optimization’ and is a marketing strategy that involves using a variety of tactics to boost the rankings of a website. It is a constantly evolving field and requires pretty extensive knowledge of how keywords, hyperlinks, and page loading speed work (all things that can affect a site’s rankings). For this reason, it’s often best to outsource SEO services rather than attempting your own DIY SEO. Some web design companies are also able to handle SEO. In fact, it’s common to combine the two services. 

Graphic design

Graphic design is used in so many different marketing channels. A few examples include packaging, billboards, flyers, internet ads, social media banners, website UI, infographics, and informational animations. While there are plenty of free tools for making your own graphics, you’re better off hiring a professional graphic designer if you want high-quality results. Graphics are an important part of your visual branding and can have a significant impact on your reputation - so you want to get them right.

Photography and Videography

Photography and videography are also two tasks better left to experts. If you need product photos for your website, hiring a professional product photographer will guarantee high-quality photos. If you need to shoot a promotional video for your business, a professional videography company will have all the equipment and knowledge to shoot it and edit it correctly. Poor quality photos and poor quality videos could have a disastrous impact on your brand, so it’s best to outsource this task.


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