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We live in a digital era where the majority of us are connected digitally. And it’s very easy to see business cards on the brink of extinction. In spite of that, sometimes it’s the simplest methods of sharing contact/information that work best!

Scroll through your phone, and I’m sure there are at least 10 contacts you are unsure of who they are. That’s what happens in the digital world. We are able to store and process so much information, that some or some people just get forgotten!

We know business cards can help you to be more awesome with people and customers! But not any business card! Has to be one that stands out and is memorable!

Here are seven reasons we still love business cards (and why you should, too).


How do you win customers? You win them by being better than your competitors, different and unique.

If a hundred other companies are texting your customer their contact information or sending them an invite through LinkedIn, who do you think your customer is going to remember?

When designing your business card, think of something simple, unique and easily remembered. Same with logo designs. Think of all the big corporations that you can remember, and how simple their logo is. Then think about all the cool logo designs you’ve seen, but how many can you remember exactly who they are? (That’s another story for another time)

Don’t be afraid to add unique features or cool color combinations to separate yourself from the pack.

You can choose from a variety of materials to make your business cards. From metal cards to plastic, wood and of course marble business cards.

Don’t be boring and safe. Standout, be different, be memorable.


As much as the digital world has taken over the exchange of information, it’s still a traditional courtesy to pass out business cards when you meet someone. (Plus, some people we meet, we don’t want to waste space in our iPhone memory. You know this is true!) Just like a website. Most people don’t really review websites like we used to. We look at a company’s social media feeds to get a better insight. But does that mean companies should not care about their website? Of course not!

For example, at a group meeting, passing business cards around the table helps people remember names and roles, and shows the meeting participants that you’re prepared and organized. People are so inundated with email and social media requests it can be nice to take things offline every once in awhile. Business cards can be a great way to solidify any initial connection, and give you a reason to follow-up and deepen your customer relationship after you’ve had a chance to scan the cards into your address book.


This should be obvious. The feeling and understanding of meeting someone online and offline is totally different. There is a deeper and fuller connection when meeting someone face to face. Another exercise you can try is to go through your Facebook friends. I bet a majority of you don’t remember at least 10% of the people in there.

Making connections digitally is never as personal as meeting in person. When you hand someone your business card you make a physical connection that feels more authentic.


Photo courtesy of MIKOL

We all know how important first impressions are, and they tend to carry a lot of weight in the business world. Not having a business card, or having a poorly designed business card is like having a weak handshake. It can suggest an inability to be detailed and professional, although it’s not a direct correlation.

I’ve met people in the best with cheap business cards, or self-printed and laminated business cards trying to talk “big business”. Initially in my mind is these guys are hustlers and waste of time, not to be taken seriously. Of course, I could have been completely wrong.

Choose a high-quality business card and your prospects and customers will assume you also have a high-quality company. Brand association through a business card can also speak volumes about your personal brand and how highly your company thinks of you.


Once you have a hit business card, make sure your contact details are clear and easily readable. Keyword these days is shareable content. That doesn’t just mean digitally, but also through your hard literature, including business cards.

If you have a really cool business card, your customer will want to show that to his other associates which in turn may generate more leads for you.


When you’re meeting a customer and trying to make an impression, it’s an overall practice. Realtors are masters at this, combining their knowledge, professionalism, and tools around them. Professionalism and knowledge is a requirement to do business in any profession. Next is to be memorable. To do that, you associate your conversation to your company to your branding to your business card somehow. So when the client leaves, he can recall you through some sort of association, whether it’s a business card, brochure, etc. Why I say Realtors are masters at this because they also include scent into their impression. If you notice when you go to an open house, often times Realtors will scent the house somehow or leave out a strong scent of cookies. This is called sense memory, a technique that involves recalling a sensual experience — sight, sound, smell, taste, or touch — to evoke an emotional reaction appropriate to a moment in the scene.


Scribbling down last minute contact information on the back of a napkin isn’t going to make you look bad, but it isn’t going to attract any high marks for your business either. Spend a few dollars more on a quality business card shows that you’re a cut above the competition.

It’s the lowest cost of marketing investment. People spend thousands of dollars on a nice car to impress customers, or hundreds of dollars to treat a client to a nice meal.

But you can’t spend a couple hundred dollars on a nice set of business cards?

Even if you’re expecting to exchange contact information digitally later, your business card can tell people your follow up is worth paying attention to.

Make sure you keep your business cards with you to indicate to any potential prospect that you’re a qualified professional.

Business cards can be a great addition to your complete package. Go beyond digital networking and create a physical connection with the power of an awesome, traditional, simple, and still beloved business card.

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