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5 Ways to Reduce Holiday Stress

The holidays are right around the corner which most of us look forward to. It provides us an opportunity to get together with family and friends and let loose a little.

While the holiday season maybe fun and cheery, there are areas of it that can be stressful. A combination of shopping, attending social events, and entertaining guests can quickly become too much to handle.

A poll by the American Psychological Association shows that 8 out of 10 people anticipate increased stress over the holidays. In some cases, the increase in stress and anxiety may even lead to depression.

However, there are plenty of ways to reduce stress, which can also be applied on non-holiday as well.

Here are 5 simple ways to avoid or reduce stress:

  1. Exercise

Make sure to get enough exercise and burn off those holiday meals. Aside from that, physical activity stimulate the production of endorphins in the brain. Endorphins are brain chemicals that function as a natural painkiller. They can trigger a positive feeling in the body, boosting mood and reducing feelings of anxiety and stress.

2. Budgetting

Gift giving also brings happiness, whether it’s the person giving or receiving. But if you are giving, make sure to budget properly where finances don’t become a burden to you during this time.

Shopping during this time can be pretty frustrating with the crowds or traffic getting there. (Depending on where you live) Good thing we live in an online ecommerce world where you can do allllll your shopping online.

Amazon is good for value items. Can browse around Http:// for unique items.

Instagram is also a great place for new unique products. Http:// (MIKOL produces natural marble fashion accessories with personalization options)

And if all else fails! Google it!

3. Proper Planning

There will be guests coming to visit, or events to attend and what not. Make sure you don’t overbook yourself where it becomes overwhelming. Plan it just enough you see the important people and have a little fun. No need to cater to everyone! Enjoy yourself!

4. Get Away

Find time for yourself. Get away if you have to. Take a drive to the grocery store, grab a beer with friends, go fishing, whatever it is! Take a break from whatever is stressing you out and regain yourself.

5. Enjoy

Well, I don’t really need to explain this one I hope. It’s the holidays!! Make the best of it and enjoy!! Focus on the happiness in you and let go of whatever/whoever is bothering you that time. We all have an annoying cousin or aunt. Deal with it and don’t let that person affect you!

On a side note, I just started a facebook page. Please show some support!


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