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My Cuzco Trip (Peru)

My journey to Peru began with Cuzco. I flew in there at night from Bogota, Columbia. Everyone warned me about altitude sickness and how serious it was. But my personality is act first and worry about it later, which is probably not the best.

I also enjoy challenging myself physically and mentally, so I thought it would be fun without altitude medicine. Once I got in, I met up with my group of friends at the airbnb we were staying at. Initially I didn't really feel much different physically aside from the excitement boiling!

Cuzco is a beautiful little city, it is one of my favorite cities in Peru. Lot of shops and restaurants to explore, and the nightlife is fantastic. Everyone was super friendly! Met some locals that ended up taking us around and having an amazing time! I must say....I did get tipsy faster being in high altitude.

Anyhow, we must feed the belly first! The photo above is Peru's national dish, the roasted guinea pig. Yes, I finished it......didn't taste bad, but I don't think it really was for me.

Oh! I forgot to mention, the restaurant we went to was on the second floor. Walking up those stairs, I could feel that I was a little out of breath due to the high altitude. I wasn't in the best shape then, but a flight of stairs shouldn't have made me feel that way.

They gave us coca leaf tea that was supposed to help us acclimate better to the altitude.

The last stop of the night was a cute little bar our local friends recommended. And yes, as you can see, I became the bar tender for the night with no pay.... :( I even had to pay for the drinks I made myself. It's actually hard work shaking those drinks!

By the way, they say alcohol is not recommended when adjusting to altitude. But then again....when do I ever listen?

Not going to lie...3 drinks in and I was feeling a bit toasty. Maybe I should have listened...? nah....haha

Next day was an early day and one of the biggest challenges of my life! Little did I know!

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