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How To Get Employees Back Into The Flow Of Work

Could there ever be a more pressing time to onboard employees than now? Well, what if you have to retrain your entire workforce? You would probably see that as a task that is too great, even in the best of times. But this is where we are, we’re having to get employees back to work and remind them of their duties, responsibilities and tasks. Although many of them have been working from home and they may be well familiar with their computers, software and general good practices, it's always a good idea to form a system of getting them back into the flow of things. But what should your first week back look like?

A resurgence meeting

It's so important to have a resurgence meeting on the first day back. Call everyone into a large meeting room and have a face to face talk with all your workers. Explain to them what the challenges have been, such as low sales figures, low demand and partners not able to put in more orders because of the lockdown and pandemic. Then you should explain what you intend to do about it. What will your strategic business decisions look like? Will you focus more on outreach? You’ll need to focus on marketing, partially SEO and automation so you can reach a wider consumer audience. Explain to them what their tasks will be and how they should approach their work. Try to make it as normal as possible for your workers.

Heightened security

Now that everyone is back to work and your normal IT infrastructure is back in use, you have to come to terms with one thing. You’re about 4 months behind cybercriminals. They will have advanced their malware and hacking techniques to cause businesses a lot of trouble. So you should also work with a company like that has excellent network security practices. This is a service that your business cannot do without. They will monitor the flow of data, access requests and other network security concerns for you. If something abnormal arises they will let you know so you can take protective steps to curtail unwarranted access.

Easing back in

It's going to take about a week for your employees to get settled in before they can get back up to their usual workload and speed. Their efficiency is going to take a little time to get back to where it was. The main thing you should focus on is the productivity of the entire workforce. So refrain from taking too many orders and clients on at the same time, just for a little while. Employee readjustment is the number one priority for any good leader.

If they have had to return to an office or other indoor place of work, they may well be nervous about the potential for infection, so make sure you support them, always having a stock of masks for your staff and ensuring that they are worn when people are in close proximity. Take the lead by ensuring you are wearing one during all your dealings with other people, and asking if there is anything you could be doing to increase their confidence further. Trust in your workers that they will settle back in and begin to feel safe and happy at their workplace again.

It's up to every business leader to show sound judgement and bring back their employees safely and in a manner that will allow them to work proficiently once again. Just take your time!

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