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Essentials You Need For Surviving An Adventure Trip

Whether you are hiking through the wilderness or looking for a survival trip, you will need to pack some essentials that will help you during hard times. There could be times when you need water in a remote location or you might need to use your first aid training to care for a problem. Prepared Bee is a great place to find out everything you need to know about surviving in every situation you may come across, they even know how long an average water bottle lasts.

Research beforehand will help you to survive

Although researching possible scenarios can take a lot of time, it could help you in serious situations that may escalate if not dealt in the right way. Prepared Bee has the information you need in one place but knowing the basics can be a massive help. Getting a fire going throughout your trip can keep your warm but also cook you hot food when you need it most. Having hot food in your belly can make a world of difference to your energy levels when you're walking miles each day and tackling different situations like rock climbing and hiking mountains.

Survival knife

You will thank yourself later if you bring a survival knife that can help you through most of your trip. Whether it be for chopping fruit and food from the wilderness to place on the fire or cutting down branches to make a makeshift tent for the night you will always find a use for it as well as whittling wood to make a spear for catching fish. A great tip is to keep another survival knife in another bag or pocket so you have a back up if you were to accidentally lose it. It can be your protection if you come across any predators when you are away from safe facilities, It could even be a great tool for looking after your appearance such as cutting your hair, trimming your beard and even cutting your nails.

Having a decent first aid kit

Building yourself a solid first aid kit that you can have easy access could save you from getting infected or the problem getting worse. Each personnel should have a full first aid kit so if you were to lose each other then you will always have one. Every kit should include items such as plasters, bandages, antibacterial wipes, tape, safety pins, gloves and cling film. Don’t forget to pack any medication you take regularly as well as a backup supply in various pockets in case you misplace them whilst you are traveling plus extras such as hay fever just in case.

It is better to over prepare then regretting it when you are lost or struggling on a freezing night. Hopefully, with this guide you will pack everything you need to survive whatever your trip may throw at you. Researching on websites such as Prepared Bee will give you the reassurance that you are not forgetting anything and are up to date with the latest studies and know-hows.

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