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5 Steps to Expanding your Company

Preparing your company to expand can seem like a mammoth task. Wanting it takes the next step in your journey and be ready to do so are two totally different things. And if you are trying to run before you can walk, chances are you will end up doing more damage than harm in the long run.

There are key developments you need to be aware of before looking to expand your company.

You can meet the demand.

Expansion relies on demand. If you are developing a new product or offering a new service, knowing there is a demand for it before you roll it out is vital. As is being able to cope with the demand you currently have for your existing services and products. Make sure you are filling in gaps in the supply chain and utilizing the best technology, such as to deliver extensive and top-notch customer service using high-quality products and packaging.

Once you are comfortably meeting or even exceeding current demand, then you can look at adding products to expand.

You Have a Solid Plan

Knowing how you are going to expand, how long it will take, the funds required and any new premises, etc are all important questions that need to be developed upon prior to your expansion. Knowing how you will get from point A to B then over to C will make sure you stay on track, within budget, and grow at a pace you can handle each step of the way.

There is a Market for the Product.

Doing your market research and making sure there is a market for what you are planning to offer is vital. Be it moving to a new location or adding new products. If the demand isn't there, then it will be a waste of time and resources. Look into what your competitors are doing and look for feedback from your existing customers and your target market. Look at what people are searching for online when they land on your site, and once you are confident you can fill this gap and there is a need, then you are ready to slot into the gap.

You Have Enough Cash

Are you making enough money not only to meet all your current obligations including paying suppliers but the staff and all your business expenses and you also have the cash to reinvest then choosing to put money back into your company could be the right decision for you?

If you are struggling to balance the books and are scraping by, it may be worth reconsidering if now is the right time to expand and draw up plans to put in place once you are in a more financially secure position.

You are in a Growing Sector

Are your products and services at risk of becoming obsolete or growing in a saturated market? If you are struggling to be seen or heard and your sector is evolving, then you may find your hand has been forced to make sure you can stay afloat and be relevant to your target audience.

One way to keep ahead of what your clients need is to follow up with them regularly to make sure you are meeting their needs.


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