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Getting Away From It All While Staying Safe In The Pandemic

If your country or region has experienced lengthy restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic, you might be feeling pent-up and frustrated. Stuck at home with not much to look forward to, you may end up lacking motivation for your future. Lockdowns have taken their toll on all of us, no matter our situation. Even those essential workers who have continued their working routines have faced increased restrictions and inconveniences which make their jobs harder. We all deserve a break. So how can you get one when the pandemic is still a pressing danger?

In this blog, you will find tips for getting away from it all during this scary time, so you can relax, recharge and find your motivation again. 

Finding A Rural Area

While it’s very important not to pose a threat to rural communities by bringing COVID-19 there, rural spots are great for a safe trip away from your regular life. It is advisable that before you travel, you take a COVID-19 test, and isolate until you get the results - usually 1-2 days. Once you have the all-clear, you can take off on your journey down the road less travelled, to a beautiful rural area where you can unwind and recharge. 

Why are rural areas safer? Simply put, there are fewer people around. You can hang out in the great outdoors, go hiking, swim in the ocean, and hang out on the beach without any worries about catching the virus. As long as you keep your distance from others, you are fine. 

Taking Your Own Food

If you want to get away from it all but are worried about spreading or catching this virus, then it’s a good idea to take your own food. For example, if you take a trip to a rural setting and want to keep yourself to yourself while you are there for safety reasons, take a food parcel which will keep you going for the days you are there. This will allow you to sustain yourself without interacting with the community and potentially endangering them - or them potentially endangering you. 

Road Trip!

If you want to take a trip but are concerned about contracting coronavirus on a flight, it’s time for a road trip. Not only are road trips a fun way to travel, but they allow you to see more of the beautiful countryside, taking in the gorgeous views. And, crucially, they allow you to travel without interacting closely with other travelers. You get to take a trip and get a much-needed break from your day-to-day, without getting too close to others either. 

If you are looking to take a road trip but can’t accommodate your luggage in your own car, try looking into ute van hire. Ute vans don’t require an additional license, and have tonnes of storage space for your luggage, family, dogs, food, surfboards, and whatever else you decide to take with you! It’s a perfect solution!

Final Thoughts

If you love to travel but are feeling the guilt and stress associated with traveling during a pandemic, use this guide to help you find another way to pursue your passion.


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