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How To Reach Your Destination Safely When Driving This Winter

Driving in winter can be challenging for new drivers but even the most experienced drivers can struggle in snowy and icy conditions as the risk on the road is increased greatly. If you are heading on a long road trip this winter there are a few things you should take into account to ensure you reach your destination as safely as you can. In this post, we take a look at some tips that can help make your journey as easy and safe as possible when driving this winter. 

Before setting off

Before you begin your journey, you need to check your car to make sure everything is working properly to avoid breaking down along the way. This is something you should do no matter what time of year but it’s especially important during the winter months when the temperatures are much colder. 

You will need to check your fuel and oil levels, check that your tires are in great condition and there is no general wear or cracks and splits. Check your coolant and screenwash levels and make sure these aren’t frozen, and check your lights to make sure they are clean and all bulbs are working. By making sure your car is good to go, it can prevent you from a breakdown and being left stranded in cold temperatures. 

Driving in snowy conditions

Clear snow from the windscreen and license plates as these will need to be visible. Snowy conditions can lead to more car accidents so it’s vital that you drive as carefully as you can when you set off. Your stopping distance can increase significantly compared to dry conditions so drive slowly to give yourself enough distance to stop should you need to. Braking and accelerating can be harder in snow, try to do this smoothly to stay in control of the car. Brake gently to prevent the wheels from locking. Take corners slowly to avoid skidding. 

Driving in icy conditions

Driving in icy conditions is similar to driving in snow, but it’s more dangerous. When driving along, a higher gear may be more appropriate for the conditions, to help give you more grip on the ice and to avoid wheel spin. If your car skids on the ice, ease off the accelerator instead of braking and steer into the direction of the skid slightly until you have gained control of the car. Remember that black ice is harder to identify on the road and can be fatal, so drive slow and steady and avoid risky maneuvers. 

Final thought

If your journey isn’t urgent and can be postponed, avoid driving in bad winter conditions to prevent a car accident from happening. If you are involved in an accident, there are places like Thomas Law Offices that can assist you with legal queries. Make sure you have carried out all the necessary checks if you do have to drive this winter and remember to drive carefully and take extra measures to ensure that you reach your destination safely. 


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